Key topics
  • OTOSURGERY panel
    • A new level of otosurgery: from the simple to the complex - adapted surgery approaches
    • Management of Modern Implantation: Possibilities of a New Generation of Bone Implants and the Outcomes of 15 Years of Cochlear Implants (Satellite Symposium) - Cochlear Implants and Additional Developmental Disorders: What Worked? What could be done better?Vibrant Sound-bridge: in patients with ear atresia, audiological outcomes, and surgical difficulties
    • Modern approaches in otology. Hearing loss. Rehabilitation: is there a future
    • Pediatric pharyngeal surgery: how to avoid mistakes in diagnosis and treatment
    • New approach to adenotonsillar pathology. Tips and tricks of endoscopy in pediatric practice.
    • Urgent care issues in pediatric practice: challenges and opportunitie
    • Recurrent rhinosinusitis andComplications: flow scenarios and solutionsMultidisciplinary management ofChronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis
    • New in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Integration with neurosurgery.
    • Post-COVID era: fungal and other forms of sinusiti
    • Important aspects of laryngeal microsurgery: transition from the old school to the future
    • Laryngeal and tracheal stenoses: where are we going?
    • The possibilities of injectable rehabilitation: preserving the most valuabl
  • PHONIATRY panel
    • Pushing the boundaries: the possibilities of iatrogenic voice loss recovery
    • Treatment of complex vocal cord lesions (furrows, scars, cysts, fibrous bands): conservative or surgical intervention
    • Professional voice: prolonging longevity and professional selection. The latest updates in voice assessment and management
    • Complicated nose: using a rhinoplasty perspective and psychology assessment system
    • Asian nose: the subtle nuance of thick skin
    • Complicated rhinoplast
    • Diagnosis of hearing loss at an early stage
    • Hearing loss is common in neurology and otorhinolaryngology
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