• MED-EL
    For more than 30 years MED-EL has been one of the world's leaders in hearing implants. Today, MED-EL offers hearing solutions to compensate for all degrees and forms of hearing loss, including cochlear implants, middle ear implants, bone conduction systems, electric acoustic stimulation systems and auditory brainstem implants.

    MED-EL hearing solutions are made in Austria, are of the highest quality and reliability and are available in more than 130 countries worldwide.

    MED-EL Medical Electronics
    Fürstenweg 77a | 6020 Innsbruck, Austria | office@medel.com

    Audiotek LLP
    010000 Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Syganak St., 43, n.p. 9b
    т. +7 717 255 07 58 | info@audiotech.kz | www.audiotech.kz

    Audiotek LLC
    123060 Russia, Moscow, Marshal Sokolovsky St., 3
    т. +7 499 968 69 92 | info@audio-tec.ru | www.audio-tec.ru
    AUDIOTEC company exclusively supplies high quality innovative medical equipment of the world's leading manufacturers for otorhinolaryngology, audiology, cochlear implantation: MED-EL, Bien Air, Audio Technologies, Collin, Inventis, Fahl, Grace Medical, Inhealth Technologies, Hemostasis, Spiggle & Theis, Euroclinic.

    • surgical equipment (rotary instruments and systems, surgical navigation system)
    • audiology equipment (audiometers, impedancemeters)
    • hearing solutions (cochlear implants, bone conduction implants, middle ear implants, hearing aids)
    • supplies for ENT surgery (burs and blades, STIP tampons, nasal splints)

    Audiotek LLP
    010000 Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Syganak St., 43, n.p. 9b
    т. +7 717 255 07 58

    Audiotek LLC
    123060 Russia, Moscow, Marshal Sokolovsky St., 3
    т. +7 499 968 69 92
  • "Bionorica"
    "Bionorica" raises the level of knowledge about the effectiveness and high safety profile of herbal medicines in modern medicine. Thanks to phytoneering, we reveal the power of nature and help people become healthy.

    Phytoneering is a combination of the gifts and possibilities of nature ("phytos" - a plant), as well as science and the production process ("engineering"), which plays an important role in the creation of herbal medicines.

    The concept of phytoneering, which guides the company, allows you to unlock the healing potential of plants through scientific research and innovative technologies. Phytoneering allows Bionorica to develop and produce high effective and safe medicines in accordance with modern requirements of science and progress. Bionorica adheres to high quality standards at all stages of production and strives for leadership in the growing segment of the phytomedicine market.
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is an international pharmaceutical company, which is based on research and development of innovative drugs. The company was founded in 1977. and operates in more than 50 countries (including India, Europe and the USA.

    Globally, the company focuses on the following therapeutic areas: oncology, dermatology and respiratory diseases, including allergic rhinitis. The company is represented in the segment of generic drugs, specialty drugs and in the over-the-counter (OTC) segment.

    To date, the company has 14 manufacturing plants and 3 research and development centers. The activity is aimed at improving the quality of life of patients. The success of our company is based on employees of 60 nationalities who are committed to creating a "new path for a new world"
    The company «WORLD MEDICINE» entered the market of Kazakhstan in 2008, and in 2011 entered the TOP 10 pharmaceutical companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    • «WORLD MEDICINE» is constantly expanding the portfolio of drugs registered in Kazakhstan.
    • The company has regional offices in 16 cities of Kazakhstan.
    • At the moment, the company «WORLD MEDICINE» has the largest staff among pharmaceutical companies in Kazakhstan.
    • The Company has its own warehouses that meet European standards (GDP).
    • Alpen Pharma AG in Kazakhstan
      The history of Alpen Pharma AG in Kazakhstan began in 2007 with the opening of a representative office in Almaty. Striving to be closer to patients, Alpen Pharma's team of professionals is working today in all regions of Kazakhstan, increasing the availability of the entire range of the company's products.

      Today, the Representative Office of Alpen Pharma AG in Kazakhstan successfully solves the tasks facing it, develops, opens up new prospects. The company's drug portfolio is replenished from year to year and has a large number of medicines that meet the needs of a wide range of patients and doctors of various specialties.

      The needs of patients have always been and remain a priority for our employees, and therefore the Alpen Pharma AG Representative Office takes care of the quality and safety of the use of our drugs. For this purpose, the Representative Office has created a pharmacovigilance system to monitor the manifestations of possible adverse reactions.

    • Aurika
      Aurika Company is a Russian manufacturer of rehabilitation products for the hearing impaired. It produces modern hearing aids of high technological level, develops digital solutions for tuning devices and high-quality rehabilitation of the hearing impaired.

      Developing new products, Aurika strives to introduce modern technologies in the field of healthy hearing for more people. The company was founded in 2008, has its own production site in Tula — «Inshinsky Technopark» and an international network of centers for binaural hearing prosthetics «Academy of Hearing» in the Central, Northwestern, Volga, Ural, Siberian, Far Eastern, Southern Federal Districts, as well as in the CIS countries. We have accumulated experience in supplying hearing aids to more than 50 countries around the world.
      • Valenta Pharm
        Valenta Pharm is one of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in CIS region, focused on development and manufacturing of new original medicine.
        Valenta Pharm develops, produces and implements on the market prescription and over-the-counter medicine in such therapeutic segments as immunology, virology and antibacterial therapy, psychoneurology, gastroenterology, urology and others.
        Balanced portfolio of the company is introduced not only by innovative medicine, but also branded generics and counts more than 90 medications. Product line of the company includes such a famous brand as Ingavirin®, Grammidin®, Dioxidin®, Phenazepam® and Pantocalcin®.

        «Valenta Pharm» intensively invests to scientific research activity and portfolio products development as well as medical projects and health innovations.
        «Valenta Pharm» is represented in 57 cities of Russia and has their legal entities in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

      • Claus Marsh
        Claus Marsh is a pharmaceutical company established in the UK, the basis of which is the production of medicines.

        The main mission of Claus Marsh is to provide consumers with relevant and high-quality medicines in order to solve health problems and improve the quality of life of people in the modern world.

        Every year, the Claus Marsh portfolio is replenished with a number of new drugs in order to provide comprehensive medical support to the population.

        Along with European countries, the company supplies its products to the CIS countries and is represented in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia. The products are manufactured in the European Union and the USA.
      • Medical Solutions
        The Medical Solutions company is successfully engaged in the supply of high-tech medical (including X-ray) equipment, consumables for them, as well as training specialists in working with the device and maintenance. The Medical Solutions company offers a wide range of diagnostic equipment and consumables for them (from MRI to conventional test strips).
        • Otopront
          Attention to detail and the highest quality is the priority of our company, as a result of the trust of ENT doctors in Otopront equipment, for more than 70 years.

          The decisive factor for modern Otopront equipment is a combination of quality, safety, design and management.

          In addition to high-tech products and competent service, we highly appreciate the importance of expert customer support, starting from the planning stage. A team of experienced specialists is at your complete disposal. They will find the best possible solutions for all your wishes and requirements.

          Currently, there is a growing need to increase the speed of procedures and reduce the number of assisting staff. The new generation of Otopront equipment fills this need with a large selection of additional options, the modularity of all systems, ergonomic design, ease and ease of use, and a color range of more than 400 colors.

          Products presented by Otopront:

          • Devices for the diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases
          • Tool cabinets
          • Devices for ultrasound examination
          • Examination chairs
          • Otoacoustic emissions
          • Aspiration devices
          • Endoscopes
          • Endoscopic systems
          • Tools
          • Tympanometers
          • Audiometers
          • Rhinometers
          • Positional platforms
          • Caloric stimulants
          • Videonistagmography systems.
        • Sandoz
          Sandoz makes high-quality medicine affordable.

          The Sandoz brand is a name trusted by healthcare professionals around the world. It has become a symbol of high-quality and affordable medicines.

          Today, Sandoz has a portfolio of more than 1,000 molecules covering the most important therapeutic areas.

          «The company has been operating in Kazakhstan for 10 years and by the end of 2022 is among the top five among generic companies», comments Galymzhan Kozhakanov, General Director of Sandoz Kazakhstan LLP. – There are more than 45 over-the-counter, prescription and specialized brands on the Kazakhstan market, which are used in various therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonology and others. There are also 4 Sandoz biosimilars registered in Kazakhstan. The company is a member of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) and complies with the requirements of the Association's Code of Ethics».

          LLP «Sandoz Kazakhstan»
          Almaty city, 95, Kurmangazy
          Tel: + 7 727 2581404
            • Seltfar
            • Pharm Express
              Pharm Express" LLP has been operating in the market of medical products in the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2009. The company is the official distributor of Cochlear, the world's leading manufacturer of cochlear implants.

              High professional qualities, continuous training and gaining new knowledge and experience, loving work and cohesion of our friendly staff are the connecting links and the key to the success of our company.

              Address: 25, block g, office 102, Zhetysu-3, microdistrict, Almaty city.
              Tel: +7 705 184 4880
                • Egis Kazakhstan
                  Currently, 43 drugs and 105 dosage forms have been registered in Kazakhstan for use in various fields of medicine. All drugs, in addition to mandatory certification, have proven effectiveness and successful application experience, which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies and conclusions of leading scientists with a worldwide reputation.

                  EGIS takes a socially responsible position in its work - the company has been a permanent partner of leading scientific communities for a long time, organizes numerous educational and social programs for doctors. The strategic goal of the EGIS plant company is to make innovative pharmaceutical technologies, the latest developments of leading European laboratories available to all segments of the Kazakh society. Constant investments, steady development of the latest production technologies, strict quality control allow us to be sure that the drugs produced by EGIS bring the level of treatment of Kazakhstani patients closer to European health standards.
                    • Unipharm
                      «Unipharm» is an American pharmaceutical company, specializing in the development, production and realization of high – quality medicines and biologically active additives.

                      Since its foundation in 1992, the Company has been actively developing and has become one of the leaders in the over-the-counter drugs (OTC) market, providing millions of consumers in different countries with high-quality medicines and biologically active additives.

                      «Unipharm Kazakhstan» LLP:
                      Legal address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Abish Kekilbayuly str., 34, office 6/02
                      Tel.: + 7 727 3080852
                    • JGL
                      JGL (Jadran Galensky Laboratories) has more than a thousand employees and is represented in 60 markets around the world. The company Yadran is a high–quality and effective products; the latest equipment and investments in the most modern technologies; innovations in the use of synergy of medicines and seawater. The JGL Pharma Valley production complex is currently among the leading in the European Union.

                      JGL representative office in Kazakhstan has been operating since 2006. Today in Kazakhstan, the company promotes its trademarks in the segments of seawater, dermatology, gynecology and ophthalmology. The representative office also develops and coordinates business in Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.In our plans for the future, we are focused on sustainable and long-term growth.

                      Representative office of JADRAN-GALENSKY LABORATORIES: a.o. Republic of Kazakhstan, 050040, Almaty, 61/1 Markova str., building 2, office 122, tel.: +7 727 3132051, email address: Regulatory-KZ@jgl.ru
                    • Prof Med
                      The Prof Med Group of Companies has been presenting medical equipment on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2009. During this time, we have been able to select the best manufacturers, in the quality of whose equipment we are 100% sure and we can state with full responsibility that we offer the best. We introduce new medical technologies and support projects from the initial idea to implementat.

                      Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, md. Mamyr, Korzhyn street, building 1B
                      Тел.: +7 727 2931946
                      E-mail: info@prof-med.kz
                    • Recordati
                      Discovery and development of new medicines, as well as partnership in the development of innovative medicines designed to improve people's quality of life and help people enjoy a longer, healthier and more productive life.
                    secretary of forum
                    Toguzbayeva Dinara Yerkenovna
                    + 7 700 770 05 77
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